Green Hills Nashville: Is It Safe for You and Your Family?

Are you considering moving to Nashville and wondering if Green Hills is a safe neighborhood? As a local with experience in the area, I can provide valuable insights and information to help you make an informed decision.

In short, Green Hills is indeed a safe place to live. This upscale, prosperous neighborhood is known for its overall safety and attractive amenities, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to Nashville.

But don't just take my word for it. Instead, read on as we dive deeper into the crime rates, neighborhood features, and more contributing to Green Hills' reputation as a secure and desirable place to call home.

How Safe Is Green Hills Nashville?

Green Hills is one of the safest neighborhoods of Nashville, if not the safest. Of course, this doesn't imply that occasional crime incidents are nonexistent; however, locals generally regard the neighborhood as safe overall.

Green Hills is generally considered a safe neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. The crime rate in Green Hills is lower than the national average. The area is known for its upscale shopping and residential areas. However, like in any urban area, there is still a crime risk.

The crime rate in Green Hills is lower compared to the rest of Nashville, with only 3,879 crimes per 100,000 people. That's a difference of 1,350 fewer crimes than Nashville.

Is Green Hills Nashville Walkable?

Green Hills had its roots in the 1930s but truly flourished as a community after World War II. However, similar to many other suburbs from that time, it was primarily designed with cars, not pedestrians, in mind.

Walk Score, a platform that evaluates the walkability of neighborhoods, ranks Green Hills as the 82nd most walkable area in Nashville, with a relatively low score of 30.

For comparison, some of the top walkable neighborhoods in Nashville include East Nashville and Downtown Nashville. In fact, Downtown is the second most walkable neighborhood in the city! Walk scores are numerical rankings that reflect an area's pedestrian-friendly, considering factors like ease of access to businesses and amenities.

So, while Green Hills is a lovely and safe neighborhood, it may not be the most walkable option for those looking to stroll around town.

Is Green Hills A Good Area In Nashville?

Green Hills is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Nashville, and many people consider it a great place to live. But, like any area, it has its pros and cons. Let's explore!

The Pros:

Central Location:

One of the most significant advantages of living in Green Hills is its central location. It is close to downtown Nashville, making accessing all the city's amenities, including museums, restaurants, and music venues, easy. You're also a short drive from popular neighborhoods like 12 South, Belmont, and Hillsboro Village.

Upscale Shopping:

Green Hills is home to some of Nashville's most upscale shops and boutiques. You can find high-end stores like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., and Burberry at the Green Hills Mall and local boutiques that offer unique clothing and accessories.

Green Hills also features amazing places to eat, such as the Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods, The True Food Kitchen, The Char Restaurant Steakhouse, and many more. You'll find a vibrant, family-friendly nightlife in Green Hills.

Great Schools:

Green Hills has some of the best public schools in Nashville. Several highly rated schools are located in this neighborhood, making it a popular choice for families with school-age children.

Green Hills is home to some of the finest public schools in Nashville, providing your children with a first-class education.

Furthermore, the community benefits greatly from the presence of the Green Hills library. This area is also conveniently located near several renowned college campuses, such as Belmont University, Nashville State Community College, and Vanderbilt University, which makes it an ideal location for families with young children.

Beautiful Homes:

Green Hills is known for its beautiful homes and estates. Many homes in this area have large yards and mature trees, giving the neighborhood a serene and peaceful feel.

Regarding residential real estate, Green Hills has various options, including luxury single-family homes, townhomes, and condos. While some of the houses in the area have larger lots, most properties feature what's known as a horizontal property regime (HPR), meaning there are two houses on one lot.

The Cons:

High Cost of Living:

Green Hills is a desirable Nashville neighborhood known for its luxurious homes and upscale amenities. As such, the cost of living in Green Hills is considerably higher than in other areas of Nashville.

The homes in this area are larger and more expensive, with some of the homes costing millions of dollars. However, not all homes in Green Hills are as costly as the luxurious ones. There are still affordable homes in the neighborhood, particularly condos that cost between $400,000 and under.


The traffic, especially around rush hour, is a significant drawback to living in Green Hills. Hillsboro Road, which runs through the area, is notoriously slow-moving and has traffic lights that often need to be in rhythm. If you are a local, locating back roads and avoiding some traffic should be relatively easy.

Conclusion: Is Green Hills TN, A Good Place To Live?

Upscale and affluent neighborhood with beautiful homes and larger lotsHigh cost of living, including expensive homes and higher cost of groceries and other necessities
Convenient location with easy access to downtown Nashville, airport, and other neighborhoodsGreen Hills is a bustling neighborhood, which means that traffic can be heavy during peak hours.
Great amenities, including high-end shopping and dining, top-rated public schools, and beautiful parks 
Low crime rate and generally safe neighborhood 

Living in Green Hills Nashville has many benefits, including an affluent neighborhood, convenient location, great amenities, relatively low crime rate, and a vibrant community. However, there are also some downsides, such as the high cost of living, limited affordable housing options, and high traffic in some areas. Ultimately, whether or not living in Green Hills is a good fit for you depends on your preferences and priorities.


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