Is it Safe to Walk Around Nashville?

From the Author: I've lived in Nashville for 12 years, and my wife was born here. Alex worked downtown for five years. We love Nashville and know it well. If you have any questions, we respond quickly to comments!

Does the recent news of Riley Strain, the 22-year-old student found dead after he went missing in Nashville spook you? I understand.

Nashville, specifically Broadway, is crazy at night with large crowds and a lot of drinking. That being said, I've walked around Nashville countless times at night without feeling in danger.

I have always felt safe in downtown Nashville. I wouldn’t hang around Broadway bars alone but if you’re with a partner or sober and aware of your surroundings and be careful, you’ll be fine. Do a little research because there are a few areas you want to avoid, but downtown is touristy and there are plenty of people are around. You won’t run into those areas going from Broadway to your hotel. Nashville is not one of the cities I have ever felt less safe in.

As a local who knows Broadway and downtown Nashville very well, here are my top tips:

  • Stick together. Don't wander off alone and leave your partner or group. Even if you have to go the bathroom while in a busy bar or honky-tonk, take a partner.
  • Stay connected. Ensure your phone is charged and turn on location tracking with your friends on the trip. Recently, some girls got separated when they went to the bathroom and didn't take their phones. When they left the bathroom, the bar staff wouldn't let them return to where they were. They had no way of communicating where they were to their friends (true story!)
  • Watch your drinks. Keep an eye on your drinks, and don't leave them unattended.
  • Use common sense. Practice the usual big-city safety precautions.
  • Don't get so drunk that you can't control yourself or be aware of your surroundings.

Safe Neighborhoods and Areas in Nashville

The places that tourists like to go are generally considered safe. Areas like Downtown Nashville, Midtown, The Gulch, and Music Valley are always full of people. There are rarely any issues within walking distance of tourist attractions.

In Nashville you'll discover that you can stay in a downtown hotel and safely walk to places like Broadway, The Ryman, Bridgestone Arena, Nissan Stadium, Country Music Hall of Fame and the Music City Center.

Areas to Avoid

The reason Nashville crime is higher on average than other cities is because of some specific neighborhoods which inflate the numbers. Avoid these neighborhoods:

  • Heron Walk
  • Talbot's Corner
  • Glencliff
  • Bordeaux

All of these areas have high rates of violent crime and property crime in relation to the number of Nashville residents living there. There isn’t much for visitors to do in those areas anyway, so they aren’t hard to avoid. 

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