Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Nashville To Do?

At Nashville To Do, our mission is to be the go-to guide for visitors to Nashville, offering an authentic local perspective. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and trusted recommendations, tips, and insights on the best places to eat, drink, enjoy live music, and stay. Our goal is to enrich each visitor's experience with the vibrant spirit of Nashville, ensuring every trip is memorable and unique.

How do you choose the locations and events featured on your site?

At Nashville To Do, our mission is to offer an insider's guide to Nashville, crafted from a unique blend of personal experience and community wisdom.

Living, working, and engaging daily with the city, we provide a perspective that only a true Nashvillian can. Coupled with regular interactions with visitors, we curate our recommendations based on a mix of local endorsements, our own explorations, and a keen understanding of what travelers truly seek.

We're committed to guiding each visitor to the heart of Nashville’s culture, from its renowned eateries and vibrant live music scenes to hidden gems only known to locals, ensuring an authentic and unforgettable Nashville experience.

Who writes the content for your website?

Alex Hawker, the founder of Nashville To Do, is the primary author behind the articles you find on our site, drawing from his deep-rooted connection with the city.

Unless specified otherwise, Alex's passion for Nashville and his commitment to sharing its vibrant culture and hidden gems shape the content we provide.

We are also passionate about involving the local community in our narrative. If you are a Nashville local with a flair for writing and unique insights into our city, we'd love to hear from you. Your original content can help us enrich our offerings and provide a more diverse perspective. Interested? Apply here to become a contributor!

Do you partner with local businesses in Nashville?

Yes, at Nashville To Do, we actively collaborate with local businesses to bring our readers exclusive insights and special offers, all while upholding our commitment to editorial independence.

Through our ‘Meet Nashville' series, we regularly reach out to and feature interviews with local business owners, diving into their unique stories and exploring how they contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Nashville.

This series is a testament to our dedication to showcasing the authentic spirit of our city. To discover more about these local gems and their contributions to Nashville, you can learn more here.

We would love to hear from you if you're a local business owner and want to be featured in our ‘Meet Nashville' series. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

How often is the information on your website updated?

As often as possible. We update our website regularly, with major updates occurring monthly to ensure all information is current. If you notice something that needs to be updated, email [email protected].

Can I contribute or suggest content for your site?

Yes, we absolutely love having local contributors at Nashville To Do. We encourage you to apply if you're interested in sharing your perspective. Apply here.

Are there any sponsorship or advertising opportunities on your website?

Yes, we offer various sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Please contact us for more details.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your content?

Our content undergoes a rigorous fact-checking process by our editorial team to ensure accuracy.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, we have a comprehensive privacy policy that explains how we handle user data. It's available for review here.

What makes your Nashville guide different from others?

Our guide at Nashville To Do uniquely blends local insider knowledge with comprehensive, up-to-date information, all presented in an easily navigable format.

We're not just remote observers; we have boots on the ground. Our team is constantly engaging with locals, gathering firsthand insights and experiences that truly capture the spirit of Nashville.

Additionally, our close association with the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville allows us to bring you exclusive content and perspectives directly from the heart of the city's renowned music scene. This direct involvement and deep-rooted connections within the community set us apart, ensuring that our guides offer the most authentic and enriching Nashville experience possible.”

How can I get in touch with you for press inquiries?

For press inquiries, please contact email us at [email protected]

Can I use the content from your website for my own purposes?

The content on our site is copyrighted. Please contact us for permission if you wish to use any of our materials.

How do you handle user feedback and complaints?

We value user feedback and address complaints promptly. Users can submit feedback through our contact form.

Do you offer a newsletter or subscription service?

Yes, we offer a newsletter that keeps subscribers informed about the latest Nashville news and updates from our site.

How can businesses in Nashville get featured on your site?

Businesses can get featured by contacting us for a review or consideration. We prioritize businesses that align with our audience's interests.

I'm a musician, how do you recommend I get a gig in Nashville?

Our suggestion is to contact as many bars as possible in Nashville. I would start with the over 32 bars on Broadway. On most of their websites you'll find links to apply to audition and perform. They always need talent and are looking for their next booking.