Nashville, Tennessee Travel Glossary

Historical Landmarks & Sites

  1. The Parthenon: A full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, located in Centennial Park.
  2. Belle Meade Plantation: A historic plantation and museum known for its thoroughbred horse breeding and Civil War history.
  3. Fort Nashborough: A reconstruction of the original settlement of Nashville by American frontiersmen.
  4. The Hermitage: The historical plantation and museum of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.
  5. Tennessee State Capitol: A historic building and the seat of the state government of Tennessee.
  6. Ryman Auditorium: A historic music venue known as the “Mother Church of Country Music.”
  7. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: A museum and hall of fame that preserves the history and traditions of country music.
  8. Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum: A museum that preserves the stories, artifacts, musicians, engineers, and producers behind the greatest recording of all time.
  9. Frist Art Museum: Housed in the historic U.S. Post Office building, showcasing a range of visual art.
  10. Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park: A state park featuring a history-themed walkway, World War II Memorial, and 200-foot granite map of the state.
  11. Cheekwood Estate & Gardens: A historic estate with extensive gardens and an art museum.
  12. Printer’s Alley: A famous alley known for its nightlife and history in the publishing industry.
  13. Vanderbilt University: A private research university with several historic buildings and a rich history.
  14. Belmont Mansion: An antebellum mansion that is now part of Belmont University and a museum.
  15. Tennessee Agricultural Museum: Located in the Ellington Agricultural Center, it showcases Tennessee's agricultural heritage.
  16. Travelers Rest Plantation & Museum: The oldest historic house open to the public in Nashville, showcasing early Tennessee history.
  17. John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge: A truss bridge offering scenic views of the downtown skyline.
  18. Marathon Village: A creative community housed in a historical automobile factory.
  19. Schermerhorn Symphony Center: A beautiful neoclassical building and home to the Nashville Symphony.

Music and Entertainment


  1. Grand Ole Opry: A weekly country music stage concert and the show that made country music famous.
  2. Ryman Auditorium: Historic venue known as the “Mother Church of Country Music” and the original location of the Grand Ole Opry.
  3. Bluebird Cafe: A renowned venue for songwriters to perform original songs.
  4. Bridgestone Arena: A multi-purpose venue hosting major concerts and events.
  5. Schermerhorn Symphony Center: Home to the Nashville Symphony.
  6. Exit/In: A historic nightclub known for a wide variety of live music.
  7. The Station Inn: Famous for bluegrass and roots music.
  8. Ascend Amphitheater: An outdoor venue for concerts and events.
  9. Nissan Stadium: The home of the Tennessee Titans and outdoor performance venue if a larger venue than the Bridgestone Arena is needed.

Events & Festivals

  1. CMA Music Festival: A four-day music festival centered around country music.
  2. Nashville Film Festival: Celebrating the art of film with a special focus on music-themed films.
  3. Americana Music Festival & Conference: A festival celebrating Americana music.
  4. Tin Pan South: The world's largest songwriter festival.
  5. Music City Jazz Festival: Celebrating jazz music in the heart of Nashville.


A little known fact about Nashville is that it is a town that supports and loves more than country music. We are known for all of the following.

  1. Country Music: The genre Nashville is most famous for.
  2. Bluegrass: A form of American roots music.
  3. Rockabilly: A blend of rock and country music.
  4. Gospel: A genre of Christian music.
  5. Blues: A music genre that originated in the Deep South.
  6. Americana: Incorporates elements of various American music styles.
  7. Rock: A broad genre of popular music characterized by a strong beat, simple chord structure, and often featuring electric guitar as a dominant instrument.
  8. R&B: A music genre combining elements of soul, funk, and jazz, characterized by strong rhythms and emotive vocal styles.

Miscellaneous Terms

  1. Songwriters' Rounds: An event where songwriters perform and share stories behind their songs.
  2. Honky-tonk: A type of bar with live country music.
  3. Record Labels: Nashville is home to major labels like Big Machine Records, Curb Records, etc.
  4. Music Row: A district in Nashville known for its concentration of record labels, publishing houses, and other music-related businesses.
  5. Sound Engineer: Professionals who are crucial in recording and live performances.
  6. Broadway: One of the most popular strips in Downtown Nashville home of over 32 bars and honky-tonks.

Popular Dishes

  1. Hot Chicken: Spicy fried chicken, a Nashville specialty, served with pickles on white bread.
  2. Meat and Three: A plate of meat served with three side dishes, typically including options like collard greens, macaroni and cheese, or cornbread.
  3. Biscuits and Gravy: Soft biscuits covered in white gravy, often with added sausage.
  4. BBQ Ribs: Slow-cooked pork ribs, often dry-rubbed or smothered in BBQ sauce.
  5. Fried Catfish: A Southern staple, often served with hushpuppies and coleslaw.
  6. Goo Goo Cluster: A candy bar made with marshmallow nougat, caramel, and roasted peanuts covered in chocolate.
  7. Cornbread: A common side dish, made in various styles throughout the South.
  8. Country Ham: Cured ham, usually served as thin slices and often accompanied by red-eye gravy.
  9. Turnip Greens: A popular side dish, typically cooked with ham hocks or other pork for flavor.
  10. Fruit Tea: A sweet iced tea mixed with orange, pineapple, and lemon juices.

Key Ingredients

  1. Sorghum Molasses: Used as a sweetener in many Southern dishes.
  2. White Lily Flour: A staple for making traditional Southern biscuits.
  3. Cornmeal: Used in making cornbread and hushpuppies.
  4. Hot Sauce and Cayenne Pepper: Essential for creating the famous Nashville hot chicken.
  5. Pimento Cheese: A spread made from cheese, mayonnaise, and pimentos.

Culinary Practices

  1. Cast Iron Cooking: Widely used for its heat retention and even cooking, especially for cornbread and fried foods.
  2. Pit Barbecue: A method of slow-cooking meat over wood, prevalent in barbecue traditions.
  3. Pickling: Commonly used to preserve and add flavor to vegetables, often served as a side.
  4. Frying: A popular cooking method for dishes like chicken, catfish, and green tomatoes.

Music Festivals

  1. CMA Music Festival: A premier country music festival featuring performances, autograph signings, and fan interactions.
  2. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival: A famous multi-genre music festival held annually in nearby Manchester, attracting a national audience.
  3. Americana Music Festival & Conference: A gathering celebrating Americana music with live performances, seminars, and networking events.
  4. Nashville Jazz & Blues Festival: Showcasing jazz and blues artists in various venues across the city.
  5. Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman: A summer series featuring bluegrass music at the historic Ryman Auditorium.

Cultural & Arts Festivals

  1. Nashville Film Festival: One of the longest-running film festivals in the U.S., showcasing hundreds of films.
  2. Tennessee Craft Fair: Hosted in Centennial Park, this event celebrates handmade crafts and art.
  3. Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival: A family-friendly celebration of Japanese culture and the beauty of cherry blossoms.
  4. Frist Art Museum Exhibitions: Regularly hosting exhibitions and cultural events tied to visual arts.

Food & Beverage Festivals

  1. Nashville Wine and Food Festival: Celebrating fine wine and food with tastings and demonstrations from top chefs and sommeliers.
  2. Taste of Music City: Nashville's largest food and drink festival, offering a taste of local culinary specialties.
  3. Nashville Street Food Month: A celebration of the city's vibrant food truck scene, featuring various cuisines.

Community & Seasonal Events

  1. Nashville Pride Festival: Celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community with a parade, live music, and vendors.
  2. Fourth of July Celebration: A grand celebration with fireworks, music, and family activities.
  3. Christmas Village: A long-standing holiday tradition featuring hundreds of merchants selling gifts and holiday decor.
  4. Music City Midnight: New Year's Eve in Nashville: A major New Year's Eve celebration with live music, fireworks, and a midnight “Music Note Drop.”

Miscellaneous Events

  1. Tennessee State Fair: A traditional state fair with agricultural exhibits, rides, and food.
  2. Southern Festival of Books: An annual event celebrating authors and readers with book signings, readings, and panels.

Geography & Neighborhoods

Downtown Nashville

  • Description: The vibrant heart of the city, known for its live music venues, historic buildings, and bustling nightlife. Key attractions include Broadway, the Cumberland Riverfront, and the Tennessee State Capitol.

East Nashville

  • Description: A trendy, artistic area known for its eclectic dining, vibrant arts scene, and historic homes. Popular spots include Five Points and the Shelby Bottoms Greenway.

The Gulch

  • Description: A modern and upscale neighborhood with high-end restaurants, luxury apartments, and chic boutiques. The area is known for its vibrant street art and the iconic “WhatLiftsYou” wings mural.

Midtown Nashville

  • Description: A lively area with a mix of nightlife, dining, and music venues. Midtown is popular among college students and young professionals and is home to Vanderbilt University.

Music Row

  • Description: The epicenter of Nashville's music industry, featuring recording studios, radio stations, and music publishing houses. It's a must-visit for music enthusiasts.

Green Hills

  • Description: An affluent suburb known for its upscale shopping, including The Mall at Green Hills, and beautiful residential areas with expansive homes.


  • Description: One of Nashville's oldest neighborhoods, known for its charming Victorian buildings and a strong sense of community. The area boasts excellent restaurants and the historic Germantown Street Festival.

12 South

  • Description: A hip, walkable neighborhood with unique shops, trendy restaurants, and Instagram-worthy murals. Sevier Park is a popular local hangout.


  • Description: A historic neighborhood with a mix of students, young families, and professionals, characterized by bungalow-style homes and vibrant commercial areas.

West End/Elliston Place

  • Description: An area known for its historic landmarks, proximity to Vanderbilt University, and Centennial Park, which features a full-scale replica of the Parthenon.

Sylvan Park

  • Description: A laid-back neighborhood with a friendly atmosphere, featuring local eateries, parks, and a strong sense of community.


  • Description: A family-friendly suburb with a more relaxed pace, offering a mix of dining, shopping, and access to the Nashville Greenway and the Grand Ole Opry.


  • Description: Known for the Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry, this area blends entertainment, shopping, and dining, attracting both locals and tourists.

Berry Hill

  • Description: A small but vibrant area with a diverse range of recording studios, music shops, and unique eateries.

SoBro (South of Broadway)

  • Description: A rapidly growing area featuring the Music City Center, Country Music Hall of Fame, and numerous hotels and restaurants.

Musicians and Songwriters

  1. Dolly Parton: An iconic country music singer-songwriter known for her work in music and philanthropy.
  2. Johnny Cash: A legendary singer-songwriter often associated with country music but whose work spanned multiple genres.
  3. Loretta Lynn: A country music singer-songwriter known for her groundbreaking role in country music.
  4. Vince Gill: A highly acclaimed country musician known for his songwriting and multi-instrumental talents.
  5. Jack White: An influential rock musician and producer who founded Third Man Records in Nashville.
  6. Taylor Swift: A globally renowned singer-songwriter who started her career in Nashville's country music scene.
  7. Kings of Leon: A rock band formed in Nashville, known for their unique sound blending southern rock and garage rock.
  8. Brad Paisley: A country music singer-songwriter and guitarist known for his contributions to the contemporary country music scene.

Historical Figures

  1. Andrew Jackson: The seventh President of the United States, who lived at The Hermitage in Nashville.
  2. James K. Polk: The 11th President of the United States, who also has ties to Nashville.
  3. John Seigenthaler: A prominent journalist, editor, and political figure in Nashville.

Literary and Art Figures

  1. Robert Penn Warren: The first Poet Laureate of the United States and a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner.
  2. Ann Patchett: A celebrated author who co-owns Parnassus Books, an independent bookstore in Nashville.

Business and Philanthropy

  1. Oprah Winfrey: Although known primarily for her work in media and philanthropy, she started her career in Nashville.
  2. Thomas G. Ryman: A businessman whose contribution led to the creation of the Ryman Auditorium.

Sports Personalities

  1. Steve McNair: A former NFL quarterback who played for the Tennessee Titans.
  2. Pekka Rinne: A notable figure in hockey, having played as a goaltender for the Nashville Predators.

Airports in and around Nashville

Nashville International Airport (BNA)

  • Description: The primary airport serving Nashville, offering domestic and international flights. Known for its distinctive architecture and a wide range of amenities, including live music performances.

John C. Tune Airport (JWN)

  • Description: A public-use airport located in West Nashville, primarily used for general aviation and corporate flights.

Smyrna Airport (MQY)

  • Description: Located in Smyrna, Tennessee, this airport serves general aviation and is also used for military and cargo purposes.

Lebanon Municipal Airport (M54)

  • Description: A smaller airport located in Lebanon, Tennessee, primarily serving general aviation.

Murfreesboro Municipal Airport (MBT)

  • Description: Situated in Murfreesboro, this airport caters to general aviation and is a hub for flight training and aircraft maintenance services.

Sumner County Regional Airport (M33)

  • Description: Located in Gallatin, Tennessee, this airport serves general aviation with facilities for private and corporate aircraft.