10 Best Nashville Bars on Broadway (We’ve Tried Them All!)

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From the Author: I've lived in Nashville for 12 years, and my wife was born here. Alex worked downtown for five years. We love Broadway and know it well. If you have any questions, we respond quickly to comments!

Whether you're looking to dance and drink or sit down and enjoy delicious Southern food, Broadway has you covered.

My wife and I have been to almost every bar and honky-tonk on Broadway, and several simply stand out above the rest.

I want to start with a few helpful observations:

  1. Stairs! The honky-tonks on Broadway are on multiple levels, and you need to be ready to climb multiple flights of stairs unless you want to stay on the ground level. Some bars have elevators. I mention it where applicable below.
  2. There's no cover charge. You won't be charged to enter any bar on Broadway.
  3. The bars are surprisingly child-friendly. During the day, before 9 p.m., kids under 21 are welcome. Only two bars ask for ID all day. I've mentioned those below.
  4. The Broadway strip is surprisingly family-friendly. It's not just dancing and drinking. There is plenty of space to sit down, eat, and enjoy the best music in the world.
  5. There's no dress code. Unless it's completely outrageous, feel free to dress how you wish.
  6. There's a big difference between daytime Broadway and nighttime Broadway. You're more likely to get bumped and puked on at night; it's more rowdy. So, decide ahead of time what your preferences are.

After spending an entire afternoon on Broadway, I was surprised at how expansive and fun it was. It sounds a bit cliche, but there really is something for everyone, from huge restaurants where you can sit down and enjoy a meal to rowdy dancing and loud music to laid-back margaritas on the rooftop.

So, without further ado, here's a list of our favorite bars in order!

NOTICE // We try our best to keep the information in this guide as up-to-date as possible. If you notice anything has changed, please leave us a comment down below.


November 4, 2023

1. Tootsies Orchid Lounge

Tootsies is my favorite purely for its historical value. In the days when artists came into town to play at the Ryman (right next door), they would play at Tootsies before or after.

The Wall of Fame (pictured below) has immortalized the greatest artists who have played here. To this day, the bands are always great. It's also a small venue and small stage, getting you up close and personal with artists.

Tootsies have multiple levels connected by stairs at the back. At the top, they have a rooftop bar with a fantastic view of upper Broadway and downtown Nashville.

Insider Tip:

Tootsies is a smaller venue than most, and it can be hard to find a seat. However, it can't be missed. You'll get really close to the band, which is unlike other bars on Broadway. Make sure you spend time on each level, as there are different bands. Before 6 pm, they will not ask for ID.

It has a really fun and friendly vibe. I had a really good time, highly recommend it!

422 Broadway (next door to the Ryman)

Open 9:30 am – 3:30 pm daily

Visit Website

2. Roberts Western World

Roberts Western World is a staple of Broadway and is the place to go for country music. It consistently wins the award for best country music on Broadway.

You will simply be blown away by the quality of musicians at Roberts. It's so much fun! You are welcome to dance even though the dance floor is small.

On the day I went, I was lucky to catch a set performed by Jesse Lee Jones (pictured below), who owns Roberts.

Like Tootsies, the bar is smaller than others and is always packed. The servers are really busy, so you need to be patient. A local favorite is the bologna sandwich, chips, and Moonpie. It's not exactly gourmet cuisine, but it is cheap.

Everyone is friendly, and you'll have a great time.

You'll find Roberts to feel less like a tourist trap than the other, larger venues, which I like. Roberts and Tootsies are the first places I recommend visitors see when coming to Nashville.

Insider Tip:

I asked singer, songwriter, and Broadway performer Emily McGill for some local advice, and she said to make sure you try the famous Recession Special. It’s just $6 for a Moonpie, Fried Bologna sandwich, and PBR Beer.

Be prepared for the band to step off the stage and hand a bucket around for tips, it's how they are paid, so be ready with some cash. There may be a line to get in at night. Also, try the Recession Special meal; it's cheap bar food and a unique Nashville experience.

Roberts is popular with the locals so it's always a bit busier.

The most popular band is Kelly's Hero's who play most nights at 6:30. Catch a set by them if you can; they are fantastic!

They don't ask for ID during the day.

422 Broadway

9:30 am – 3 am daily.

(615) 244-9552

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3. The Stage

The Stage is the first bar I recommend after Tootsies and Roberts. If you are in Nashville for the first time, you have to visit the first two just for the experience.

The Stage is famous, and people are always in a good mood, and the bands are great.

My sister-in-law used to work at the Stage for a long time. Here's what she said:

  • There are bands on every floor.
  • You can order almost anything, but it's standard liquors, beers, wines,, and cocktails. Nothing fancy.
  • The food is basic bar food that is heated up in an oven. Again, it's nothing fancy.
  • The bathrooms are well maintained.
  • The servers are quick, even in busy times.
  • It's open to all ages until 6 p.m.

Insider Tip:

A little-known tip is that there is a backdoor entrance. Between the Stage and the Ryman is an alleyway. You don't have to stand in line or face the crowds. You can get in through the back door entrance.


412 Broadway

10 am – 2:30 am daily.

(615) 726-0504

Visit Website

4. Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk

The honky-tonks I mentioned above are places you have to visit at least once. They are classic, famous, and old places that you need to see.

Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk is different. It has multiple floors with open windows that give great views of Broadway in all directions. The open windows are great during the warmer months.

It's a huge venue with bands on every level. In typical Kid Rock style, it's adorned with flags and huge American Eagles.

Out of all the honky tonks I've visited, the music, in my opinion, is the best at Kid Rocks. The band pictured below was so good!

Insider Tip:

If you are bringing kids, Kid Rock's is ideal as it's kid-friendly, and they don't ask for ID before 9 p.m.

Kid Rock's is also the best place to see celebrities in Nashville. Kid Rock is known to make an appearance and even sing from one of the balconies on occasion.

We always have a great time!

221 Broadway

11 am – 3:00 am daily.

(615) 248-2706

Visit Website

5. Luke's 32 Bridge

Luke's 32 Bridge is where I would go if I want to sit down to enjoy a meal with some space to myself and listen to quality music.

The food doesn't disappoint. They specialize in sirloin, salmon, spaghetti, and wings.

Luke's 32 Bridge is a place it is easier to sit down and enjoy a meal and chill out a bit. Broadway isn't always rowdy and crazy.

They have four levels with bands on each level (of course) and the rooftop bar has great views of Broadway.

Insider Tip:

It's a great spot to bring families with kids during the day. It would also be a great location for a date. The food is delicious with good variety. Also, the bathrooms are clean, and the staff are friendly.

301 Broadway

11 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. Monday to Thursday. 10 am – 2 am Friday to Sunday.

(615) 514-2031

Visit Website

6. Ole Red

Ole Red is Blake Shelton's bar. When interviewed during the opening, he said he wanted the bar to be centered around the stage – which it certainly is.

When you walk through the doors, the stage is larger than the other honky tonks and is the center of attention.

It's one of the few bars that have elevators, which is a good thing. I walked to the top and had lost my breath by the time I got there.

The rooftop bar is really nice. As you can see from the picture below, it is family-friendly. They have all types of seating, including cushioned chairs and leather couches.

Ole Red Rooftop Nashville

Insider Tip:

You might have to wait for a table on a busy weekend, but it won't be long. They have a balcony above the stage, which is perfect for watching the band if you can get one of those seats.

I was not asked for ID during the day.

300 Broadway

11 am – 12:00 am Sunday to Wednesday. 11 am – 2 am Thursday to Saturday.

(615) 780-0900

Visit Website

7. Honky Tonk Central

Honky Tonk Central is huge! It has three levels with open windows and balconies overhanging Broadway.

There is a bar on every level and ample seating.

Honk Tonk Central is by far one of the most popular bars on Broadway. I wouldn't recommend this spot for families.

Check out the view! 👇

Honky Tonk Central Open Windows

Insider Tip:

Everybody raves about the huge nachos. It's the best spot for people-watching.

329 Broadway

11 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. daily.

(615) 742-9095

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8. Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa

Miranda Lambert's Casa Rose is a great place to eat and drink on Broadway. It also has the best margaritas in town!

The bar and restaurant have a fun vibe and are definitely more low-key than the other bars on the strip. There is a long bar (pictured below) to sit and drink and plenty of table space.

The restaurant is really popular and suitable for all ages (note the high chair pictured below). The decor, food, and drinks always get fantastic reviews, and the rooftop bar shouldn't be missed.

I will definitely be back to enjoy the restaurant.

Insider Tip:

Try the Bluebird Gunpower and Lead cocktails. If you want to eat quality food, I would visit Miranda Lamberts, Ole Red, Luke Brian's, or Acme Feed and Seed.

308 Broadway

11 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. Sunday to Thursday. 10 am – 2 am Friday and Saturday.

(615) 309-6295

Visit Website

9. Jason Aldean's Kitchen & Rooftop Bar

I love Jason Aldean's Kitchen and Rooftop Bar. In my opinion, it's the most laid-back bar and honky-tonk on Broadway.

As you can see from the images below, there is plenty of space to sit, enjoy a meal and a drink and listen to the music. Also, the bar is huge, and before 6 p.m., they allow all ages.

The bands are not so loud that you can't talk, and there are screens everywhere to watch the game.

The bar and restaurant are kid-friendly.

The food isn't gourmet. For really high-quality food, I suggest Luke Brian's, Ole Red, or Acme Feed and Seed. The food at Jason Aldean's is standard bar-type food, i.e., burgers, fries, and pizza.

Insider Tip:

After 6 p.m., it's common for there to be a line to get in. It can take up to 45 minutes to get a table. To avoid the line, consider going anytime before 6. The last time I went was 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, and there were plenty of seats and no waiting.

Also, make sure you check out the rooftop bar – it's great!

307 Broadway

11 am – 2:30 Monday – Thursday, 10 am to 2 am Friday to Sunday.

(615) 514-1537

Visit Website

10. Nudies Honky Tonk

I recommend Nudies because it's almost as famous as Roberts or Tootsies. They have three floors and recently added a rooftop bar.

The bar is fashioned after Nudie Cohn, who designed rhinestone-covered suits known as “Nudie Suits.” His clients included Johnny Cash, Glenn Campbell, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams, to name just a few.

You can still see the suits and memorabilia in the bar today, including the car attached to the wall.

Insider Tip:

When I was writing this article, I asked my local Nashville friends where they would recommend people visit on their first time to Nashville. Nudies made the list every time.

The reason we recommend it is because it's like a Nashville museum with free admission. The memorabilia and history of Nashville have been captured perfectly.

The bands, drinks, and food are great, too 😉.

409 Broadway

10 am – 3:00 am daily.

Visit Website

Bonus Tips for Visitors

I've included some bonus tips for visitors below that, as a first-time visitor, you might be unaware of.

11. Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk

Friend in Low Places Bar Nashville Garth Brooks

You've probably heard that Garth Brooks is opening a bar on Broadway. I walked by on November 3rd, 2023, and everything was closed. I could see a workman inside, but there was no access to the public.

According to the Tennessean, the latest information is that there will be a grand opening on November 24 at 7 p.m.

12. Twelve Thirty Club

This recommendation also comes from Emily McGill, a Musicians Hall of Fame employee and Broadway performer. 

Justin Timberlake’s 12/30 club bar has one of the best rooftop bars on Broadway, where you can get an awesome weekend brunch and dance to a live DJ.

The main floor has great food and specialty cocktails. The food is more like upmarket dinner food (rather than greasy bar food).

There are also a lot of visits from Justin Timberlake, so you’ll never know when you’ll get to see him live.

550 Broadway

11 am – 11:00 pm most days

Visit Website

5th & Broadway


At the top of Lower Broadway, across the street from the Ryman Auditorium and the Bridgestone Arena, is a shopping and eating complex called Fifth & Broadway.

It has a ton of shopping options, from boots, clothing, sunglasses, and an Apple store.

It also has the Assembly Food Hall, which is a massive, multi-floor complex with almost anything you can imagine. They have pizza, BBQ, hot chicken, and more. There's an abundance of chairs and tables, so it's easy to sit down.

I highly recommend you stop here while you are checking out the bars on Broadway.

Another highlight is that there is parking below Fifth and Broadway. If you have a car you park below, there is plenty of space and the most it will cost you is $40. It's cheaper depending on how long you stay. I've linked to the hours and prices here.

Alex Hawker

Hey. I’m Alex. I'm the founder and writer here at Nashville To Do. I've been living in and writing about Nashville for over a decade now, and I'm excited to share all I've learned! Learn more about me here.

Alex Hawker

Hey. I’m Alex. I'm the founder and writer here at Nashville To Do. I've been living in and writing about Nashville for over a decade now, and I'm excited to share all I've learned! Learn more about me here.

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  1. Hi Alex, this is my first trip to Nashville. I’m coming with my brother who has been there before. He said he didn’t get to Coyote Ugly, I don’t see it on your list. What reviews do you have on this place? Thanks for creating this info site!

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  3. I am visiting with my friend for her birthday. she is a lead vocalist in a band and is quite good. she really wants to sing at least a song on a stage with a band while in nashville. any suggestions?

    • Hi Jennifer, Yes, I have some suggestions. I would check out the following venues. They have open mic and songwriter nights that are open to anyone, you probably have to sign-up. Check these out: Tennessee Brew Works, Bluebird Cafe, Commodore Grill at Holiday Inn Vanderbilt, and Fox & Locke.

  4. Hi Alex. I’m visiting Nashville this week with my 18 year old daughter, and I wanted to know which bars she will not be allowed into. I didn’t see that in the above article. Does TN allow me to buy her a drink if I’m sitting with her? In some states that’s allowed.

    • Hi Tracey,
      Your daughter will be allowed into most bars before 6pm. After that they will ask for her ID at the door and not allow her in. Unfortunately, Tennessee law does not permit minors to consume alcohol even if a parent or guardian is present. This means you won’t be able to legally buy her a drink while you’re together.

  5. My Buddy Doug and I went Honky Tonkin’ in Nashville annually for 30 years.
    1980 – 2010. So Many great saloons on lower Broadway. They are all gone now,
    only Tootsie’s, Robert’s and Stage remain. Another casualty are the ” Good Ole
    Boys”, gone as well.


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