Are Nashville Bars Cash Only

Are you the type who likes to put everything on a credit card? Then you're probably wondering if you need to take cash to Nashville.

Here's the answer: No, Nashville bars are not cash-only. Most establishments in the city accept cards, and while having some cash for tipping is advisable, plastic payment methods are widely welcomed. Very few places are “cash-only,” and if you find one, it's likely an exception rather than the norm.

In fact, businesses in Nashville have been pushing for cashless payments due to crime.

My name is Alex; I've lived in Nashville for 13 years. I, like you, don't like carrying cash. I've never had a problem paying with a card at any establishment here. Learn more about me here.

Tips from a Nashville Local:

  1. Some bars will allow you to use your credit card for drinks and food. Occasionally, visitors have reported extra charges or fees added after leaving. There's not much you can do after the fact.
  2. There is no cover charge on bars in Nashville. However, they expect you to tip the band and servers. They quite often hand around a tip jar for this. You obviously can't put your credit card in the jar 😏.
  3. The Assembly Food Hall at Fifth & Broadway is notably card-only in downtown Nashville.
  4. Some establishments in Nashville might have hidden credit card fees; checking bills thoroughly is advised.
  5. Cash can simplify transactions, eliminating the need to run tabs or handle bill adjustments.
  6. There's no stigma attached to using cash in Nashville; it's completely acceptable.
  7. Visitors often prefer to bring a moderate amount of cash and exchange more if necessary during their stay.

I hope you found this helpful; you might be interested in the following information about Nashville bars and restaurants.

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