Marble Fox Brewing Company (Elevated Craft Beer in Nashville)

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Nashville has been experiencing a craft brewery renaissance, and when I learned that a brewery with a family legacy dating back to the 1800s was launching in Nashville, I had to find out more.

I started brewing beer at the age of 18 when I lived in northern Australia. The warm temperatures meant I could ferment my brews quickly.

I soon discovered how hard it is to get right, which has led to a lifelong appreciation of those who put the time in to perfect the craft.

Because of my experience, I appreciate craft brewing and always jump at the opportunity to try a local beer. So, I hopped in the car on a quiet Friday afternoon and met one of the owners, John Eibl, and brewer James on location in downtown Nashville.

First, Marble Fox enjoys a great location within the urban 8th Avenue, nestled beneath the Nashville skyline and the famous Batman Buidling that looms in the distance.

All of their unique brews are created on-site, with ample space for sitting with friends either inside or outside on the patio.

I prefer darker brews, so John introduced me to the Quick Brown Fox, a dark, local TN wildflower honey.

John recommended the Quick Brown Fox

John Eibl of Marble Fox Brewing says the best part of owning a brewery is the “joy of crafting and sharing remarkable beers with people who appreciate them.”

I can say unequivocally that Nashville appreciates craft breweries.

This June, Marble Fox Brewing opened its doors to join Nashville's exciting craft beer scene, bringing a unique and storied history to the city.

So, without further ado, here’s a Nashville To Do exclusive interview with John Eibl of Marble Fox Brewing Company!

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Business Information

Name: Marble Fox Brewing Company

Owners: John A Eibl, John L Eibl, and Andy Brophy.

Address: 701 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Pet Policy: Pets are welcome in tap room or outside on the patio.

Description: Craft beers with local events and a diverse menu.

Highlights: Craft beer experience, emphasizing quality, craftsmanship, and innovative flavors.

Interview with the Owner

Exclusive Nashville To Do interview with John Eibl, owner of Marble Fox Brewing Company located in Nashville, Tennessee —

Interview Date:

October 17, 2023

Hello! Tell us a little about yourself.

Marble Fox Brewing Company is a family venture, deeply rooted in our shared passion for crafting exceptional beers.

The Eibl family has a rich history of brewing, dating back to the late 1800s, when we were associated with the Fox Head Brewing Co. in Waukesha, Wisconsin. 

John A Eibl – Marble Fox Brewing Company

Were you in the hospitality business before? If not, what did you do?

No, we didn't have a background in the hospitality business before Marble Fox.  John Eibl Sr. and John Eibl Jr., along with Andy Brophy, have diverse backgrounds.

John Sr. comes from a sales and management background, John Eibl Jr. is a pharmacist, and Andy is an engineer. However, the love for brewing has been in our family for generations.

For John, it's been a dream since he moved to Nashville in 2012 to bring that family heritage to life and provide a welcoming space where people can enjoy well-rounded and balanced beers.

What inspired you to open a brewing company? Take us through the early days. What was that like?

Beer has been a part of our family history for generations. When I moved to Nashville, I brought with me a deep appreciation for the time-honored craft. But I also had a dream of infusing a modern twist into the brewery experience.

From our brews to our decor, we wanted to break away from the ordinary. It's all about offering a fresh perspective, not just in the beer's design but also in the environment where you enjoy it.

We aimed to provide a space that's as vibrant and inviting as our beer is, a place where people could savor our well-rounded brews in a setting that's truly refreshing.

How do you describe Marble Fox Brewing Company?

Marble Fox Brewing Company is an elevated craft brewery in the heart of Nashville. We specialize in crafting meticulously balanced beers and providing an inviting atmosphere for beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

We're proud to be a part of the Nashville craft beer scene, known for our innovation, quality, and commitment to well-crafted, approachable beers.

How did Marble Fox Brewing Company get its name?

Marble Fox Brewing Company takes its name from our enduring family history in the brewing industry, dating back to the late 1800s with Fox Head Brewing Co. in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

We aimed to provide a modern twist on our family's brewing heritage, encapsulating a fusion of timeless traditions and innovative brewing practices.

The term “Marble” reflects the enduring craftsmanship and quality of our beer, while “Fox” symbolizes our contemporary and spirited approach to brewing. This blend defines our distinct approach and produces well-balanced and harmonious brews that cater to all palates.

Why did you choose Nashville? What makes it such a special place?

Nashville's vibrant culture and welcoming spirit align perfectly with our brewing philosophy. This city is a melting pot of diverse influences, which is evident in our approach to crafting beers.

We found Nashville to be a place where classic and modern sensibilities coexist seamlessly. Its unique character and the warm embrace of its community make it an ideal home for Marble Fox Brewing Company.

What's the best part of owning a brewery? The worst part?

The best part of owning a brewery is the joy of crafting and sharing remarkable beers with people who appreciate them. It's the satisfaction of seeing our patrons enjoy our creations, and the connections we make in the beer community.

The challenges mostly revolve around the hard work and dedication it takes to maintain a high standard of quality and meet the ever-evolving tastes of our audience.

What are you most excited about right now with your business?

We're thrilled about the continued growth and the opportunity to introduce more people to our unique beer offerings.

Our dedication to crafting well-rounded and balanced beers has resonated with the local community, and we look forward to expanding our presence and introducing our beers to an even wider audience.

What is your favorite beer, and what do you recommend everyone should try at Marble Fox?

If we were to recommend one, it would be The Method, our Double IPA. This beer beautifully exemplifies how old and new can seamlessly come together in the world of brewing.

It's an exploration of how classic hops for an IPA can blend harmoniously with modern brewing techniques, offering a unique and harmonious beer experience.

The Nashville craft beer scene is growing. Where does Marble Fox fit in?

As Nashville's craft beer scene continues to evolve, Marble Fox Brewing Company stands out with its dedication to crafting well-balanced and harmonious beers.

Our name reflects our approach, blending timeless traditions with modern innovation.

We're focused on being a top-notch brand, offering a selection of beers that resonate with a broad audience. Marble Fox fits perfectly into the exciting landscape of Nashville's craft beer scene.

What does the future hold?

The future is full of promise for Marble Fox Brewing Company. We aim to grow our presence and continue expanding our reach in the craft beer community.

Our focus remains on providing top-quality, well-rounded beers that consistently delight our patrons.

We're excited about potential collaborations with other breweries and creating new and innovative brews that will continue to make Marble Fox Brewing Company a name associated with quality and community in the world of craft beer.

We hope this provides a glimpse into the heart of Marble Fox Brewing Company. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better!

Where can we go to learn more?

Behind the Scenes

John invited me behind the scenes to see where the magic happens. James gave me the tour. Nice to meet you, James!

Alex Hawker

Hey. I’m Alex. I'm the founder and writer here at Nashville To Do. I've been living in and writing about Nashville for over a decade now, and I'm excited to share all I've learned! Learn more about me here.

Alex Hawker

Hey. I’m Alex. I'm the founder and writer here at Nashville To Do. I've been living in and writing about Nashville for over a decade now, and I'm excited to share all I've learned! Learn more about me here.

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