Do Nashville Bars Have Cover Charges

From the Author: I've lived in Nashville for 12 years, and my wife was born here. We love Broadway and know it well, having worked downtown for five years. As a tour guide at the Musicians Hall of Fame, I always speak with visitors, and I'm thrilled to give you my local advice. If you have any questions, we respond quickly to comments!

No, Nashville bars do not have cover charges. I went to every bar, restaurant, and honky-tonk on Broadway in Nashville. Not a single one had a cover charge. During the day, most don't even ask for ID. There is a heavy expectation that you will tip the musicians, so I guess you can say that is the unofficial cover charge. They only take cash, too!!

Is There a Cover Charge for Celebrity Bars?

Nope. I've been to them all—Luke Bryan's, Miranda Lambert's, Kid Rock's, Garth Brooks's, and Blake Shelton's, to name a few—and not a single cover charge is to be found.

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