Where Do Celebrities Hang Out in Nashville? Top 10 Bars & Restaurants Revealed!

Are you coming to Nashville and hoping to see a celebrity? You're in luck! Many celebrities call Nashville home. Not only do they live here, but they also work here.

Nashville is Music City and there are hit country and pop music songs written daily. As a result, you'll see celebrities driving around downtown, hanging out on Music Row, shopping and yes, going to Nashville Bars as they go about their business.

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Do Celebrities Go To Nashville Bars?

Yes, of course! Almost half of the bars on Lower Broadway, known as Honky-Tonk Highway, are owned by country music stars. It's common to find the artist performing at their bar. For example, Miranda Lambert is known to perform at her bar, Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa. They do it quite often.

Celebrities love Nashville, and it's not uncommon to see them everywhere, from restaurants, grocery shopping, or pumping gas. There is an unspoken rule that you don't bother them, that’s why they love Nashville so much!

Let's be real, a country music star probably isn't going to announce their presence in a bar; they will simply show up unannounced. The last time Luke Bryan announced he was going to be performing on the street in Broadway when he opened his bar, they had to shut down the entire street!

You could bump into a celebrity on any night of the week to perform in a bar Nashville! For a chance to hear an impromptu set by your favorite country or pop artist, come on down to lower Broadway, it happens all the time. Keith Urban once surprised guests at Tootsies, the band Lit surprised guests at the 12/30 Club that is partly owned by Justin Timberlake. Carey Underwood sung at a boot barn.

Luke Bryan recently said “I know as an artist that to make my bar work I'm going to have to come down here and enjoy it and do some fun stuff. I would image all of the other artists are gonna approach it the same way. Many times a month fans can come into to town and Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, FGL, or Jason Aldean are playing on the rooftop. It's going to be a fun experience in Nashville”.

Where Are You Most Likely to See a Celebrity in Nashville?

You will most likely see Nashville celebrities at Whole Foods in Green Hills, The Mall at Green Hills, Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro, Santa's Pub at Bransford Ave, Pinewood Social, Fido's Coffee Shop in Hillsboro, and the area of Franklin and Brentwood in general.

Celebrities live and work in Nashville like the rest of us. They need to get their haircut, pick up groceries, work out and pump gas. They literally exist in the wild in Nashville!

Locals in Nashville report seeing Dolly Parton in the Publix in Brentwood. Believe it or not, she is almost unrecognizable without her wig and makeup. She has tattoos, and what hair she has left she wears in a bun.

Before Taylor Swift moved out of Nashville, it was common to see her shopping with friends in Nashville or eating at Zoe's Kitchen in Green Hills. She wasn't even surrounded by security.

Keith Urban used Bread and Company in both Cool Springs and Nashville. Newer Instagram and YouTube reality stars have opened up their own boutiques such as Jessie James Decker in the Gulch with Kittenish. Kristin Cavallari can be spotted at her store Uncommon James.

Where Do A Lot of Celebrities Live in Nashville?

Celebrities in Nashville live in the most affluent and luxurious communities. The highest density of Nashville stars live in Brentwood and Franklin, where there is room for their luxury mansions in private and secluded places. Other celebrity neighborhoods include Green Hills, Forest Hills, Williamsport, and Hendersonville, to name a few. Still, others prefer the more urban lifestyle and like to stay downtown with easy access to recording studios, shops, and entertainment venues.

If you would like to see the homes of Nashville's biggest stars in a 2-hour, narrated sightseeing bus tour, you should check out the popular “Home of the Stars” tour where you can see over 30 celebrity homes. It's a chance to see Nashville's most scenic, upscale and private neighborhoods where superstars past and present live. Not only do you learn about the home but the driver provides great stories and experiences. Learn more here.

What Hotel Do Celebrities Stay at in Nashville?

Could you know where a celebrity will pop up? Well, we know that there are up to two luxury hotels where celebrities are known to stay in Nashville. They are the JW Marriott, Hutton Hotel, and The Hilton Hotel.

JW Marriott

The JW Marriott is the top venue, located just a short walk from Lower Broadway, Nashville's live music, and a party strip. The building is now the tallest in Nashville, with incredible views of the Nashville skyline. It's occupied by Reba McEntire's personal manicurist within Nashville's largest spa. The lobby and Bourbon Steak restaurant attract crowds of VIP's. Learn more about the JW Marriott here.

Hutton Hotel

The Hutton Hotel is located on West End and is a hidden gem for celebrity sightings. It has been known to be a favored location for Gwyneth Paltrow. The hotel offers a spa, dining, bars, high-end amenities, and an on-site live music venue. It's located in Nashville's Midtown neighborhood, only 10 minutes from Music Row and 8 miles from the Nashville Zoo. It is only a 12-minute drive from the Nashville airport. Learn more about the Hutton Hotel here.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage is another favored (and famous!) hotel of celebrities and touring pop stars. It's a five-star, luxurious hotel in a prime location in Nashville. It has previously hosted names like Hank Williams, Owen Bradley, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash. Learn more about the Hermitage here.

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