The Ultimate Guide to Traveling from Nashville to Memphis!

Are you coming to Nashville and considering a trip to Memphis? What are your options? Should you drive? Fly?, Drive? Walk?

In this post, I will lay out all your options from Nashville to Memphis, including local tips on things you want to take advantage of while en route.

I've driven to Memphis many times, stayed at the famous Peabody Hotel, walked Beale Street, and tasted the best-smoked ribs in the south in downtown.

I've researched this extensively, and here are my recommendations:

The fastest and most economical way to get from Nashville to Memphis is by car or bus. Driving only takes 3-5 hours and provides a direct route with the ability to stop and see the sites along the way. In this post, I have listed other options for your information.

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How do I Get from Nashville to Memphis?

There are four ways to get from Memphis to Nashville. They are car, plane, bus, rideshare, or taxi. The best and easiest way to travel is by car. This allows you to take your time and enjoy the many historical sites. The cheapest option is the bus, and the most expensive is flying. Our recommendation is to drive if you can. This post will highlight some sites to catch along the way.

How Far is Nashville to Memphis?

Car3 – 5 Hours non – stop$25 one-way
Bus3.5 hrs – 4 hrs$42 – $70 one-way
Plane3 hrs – 12 hrsFrom $133
Uber/Lift/Taxi3 -5 hours non-stopTBD
Train25 hoursFrom $209

Nashville to Memphis: Car

If you have the luxury, the best way to travel from Nashville to Memphis is by car. Use Google Maps to navigate; there's not much more I need to say there 😉

The easiest way is to take I-40 out of Nashville and stay on it to Memphis. Just follow the signs; it's a beautiful drive and takes 3-5 hours, depending on the time of day.

I can add helpful tips and reassurance: the roads are wide and easy to navigate. I've done this road trip many times. If you are not from this part of the US or are nervous because you are from another country, it's an easy drive on interstate highways.

However, I recommend the following: make sure you stick to the speed limit; the police love to ticket speedsters between here and there. I may know from personal experience.

Tennessee is beautiful. You'll enjoy a lot of greenery, especially while driving during the warm months.

Since you'll have the luxury of driving, here are some great places to stop along the way:

  • Natchez Trace Parkway. Instead of driving the interstate the whole way, you can go a portion of the Natchez Trace Parkway to Memphis. The scenic road follows the path o the ancient Native American trail. You can stop at historical sites, hiking trails, and scenic overlooks. This will add an extra 2-3 hours to the trip. You'll take a left at TN-22 S and follow it to Natchez Trace Parkway.
  • Buc-ee's. It's a store that has captured the imagination of Americans. It's a chain of country stores, gas stations, and superchargers. Simply put, it's an American icon. It's a massive store that has anything you can imagine. Food, clothing, and the boast that they have the cleanest restrooms in America. Instead of traveling on I-40, you'll take I-65. After the stop, hang a right on Highway 72 all the way to Memphis.
  • Loretta Lynn's Ranch. On your way to Memphis, take a tour of Loretta's ranch and studio. While on I-40, you'll take a right-hand turn on exit 152 and drive for an hour to her home. It's then an hour's drive back to the interstate. Learn more here.
  • Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum. This is the most accessible stop. Right on I-40, it honors the life of Casey Jones, a legendary train engineer. You can see his restored home, a replica of his train, and learn about his heroism. Learn more here.

Nashville to Memphis: Bus

Riding the bus from Nashville to Memphis is easy, cheap, and convenient. Every day, Greyhound provides direct, non-stop services. There are 4 services daily, a 3.5 – 4hr ride for $40 – $65. The buses have free WIFI, a power outlet, and onboard entertainment. You can book online at the Greyhound website.

The Greyhound Bus station is located downtown off 5th Avenue South, walking distance from most attractions and hotels.

Nashville to Memphis: Fly

Flying isn't the best option between Nashville and Memphis. Even though it's only a 200-mile journey, it will still take you a staggering 3 to 12 hours to fly since there is no direct flight. In addition, there are no smaller regional airlines that fly this route.

All the flights that you'll be able to find are provided by major airlines like Southwest or United and require a stop, usually in Atlanta or Miami.

Nashville to Memphis: Rideshare/Taxi

An Uber, Lift, or Taxi driver will likely take you from Nashville to Memphis. If you pull out your Uber app and plug in Nashville to Memphis, you'll find you are not quoted a price.

There have been instances of drivers taking passengers on these long journeys. Still, it's unlikely and will be up to the driver's discretion.

If you want to be driven by someone else, you must hire a private driver like this service.

Nashville to Memphis: Train

The only way to get the train from Nashville to Memphis is by use of a mixed service that includes a bus and train trip.

The first segment includes a Greyhound Bus ride north for 10 hours to Chicago. Segment two consists of a 10-hour train ride from Chicago to Memphis. This would total almost 25 hours of travel time. A bus is way faster and more convenient.

How Do I get from Nashville to Memphis Without a Car?

A bus is the only practical way to get from Nashville to Memphis without a car. Greyhound buses offer many daily rides for a reasonable price, often with a direct, non-stop service. There are no direct flights or train rides.

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