Discover the Delightful Donut Trail in Nashville

Did you know that Nashville has its own Donut Trail? While National Donut Day is a sweet summertime treat, Nashville offers donut delights all year round. Whether it's for Little League games, office Fridays, or Saturday morning runs, our local donut shops are a staple. If you’re looking to try something new, embark on this tasty tour of Nashville's best donut spots. Each stop offers unique flavors and supports our beloved local businesses. Dive into this sweet adventure and make your way through these fabulous donut shops in and around Nashville, Tennessee.

Photo Credit: @foxdonutden – Instagram

Fox’s Donut Den

Address: 3900 Hillsboro Pike #2, Nashville, TN 37215

Fox’s Donut Den is a classic donut shop with a long history in Nashville. Known for their fresh, fluffy donuts, favorites include the plain glazed, apple fritters, and bear claws. This spot is a must-visit for those craving traditional, delicious donuts that have been loved by locals for years.

Photo Credit: Shipley Donuts on Instagram

Shipley Do-Nuts

Address: 2540 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

Shipley Do-Nuts offers over 60 varieties of donuts, with their plain glazed being the most popular. Known for their hot, fresh, and fluffy donuts, Shipley’s has a special place in the hearts of many. Don't miss their classic bear claws and cinnamon twists for a delightful treat.

East Park Donuts and Coffee

Address: 700 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206

At East Park Donuts and Coffee, every donut is handcrafted from scratch. Their blueberry cake donuts and salted brown butter donuts are fan favorites. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make this a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a sweet treat with a cup of coffee.

Photo Credit: Five Daughters Bakery

Five Daughters Donuts

Address: 1500 Medical Center Pkwy Suite 1H, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Five Daughters Donuts is famous for their 100-layer donuts, a cross between a croissant and a donut. With unique flavors like maple glaze and chocolate sea salt, these donuts are a must-try. Each bite offers a delightful mix of textures and flavors that will leave you craving more.

Photo Credit: Kille Coffee


Address: 401 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Located in The Gulch, Killebrew offers an array of delightful pastries, including their standout donuts. The Peaches & Creme with Dulcey Ganache and the Old Fashioned with Belle Meade Bourbon Caramel are not to be missed. Pair your donut with a coffee for the perfect treat.

Photo Credit: Karen Hoff

McGough’s DoNuts

Address: 1111 Gallatin Pike S, Madison, TN 37115

McGough’s DoNuts is a hidden gem offering some of the best donuts in Nashville. Their apple fritters and blueberry glazed cake donuts are particularly beloved. Known for their friendly service and fresh, delicious donuts, this shop is a local favorite.

The Donut + Dog

Address: 2127 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212

The Donut + Dog combines the best of both worlds with their 20-hour brioche donuts and gourmet hot dogs. Their brioche donuts are light and not overly sweet, making them a perfect treat. Flavors like Peaches & Creme and Maple Bacon are sure to impress. Don’t forget to try their unique hot dogs for a savory twist.


Nashville’s Donut Trail offers a delightful journey through the city’s best donut shops. Each location has its own charm and specialty, ensuring a memorable experience for donut lovers. Whether you’re exploring the city or satisfying your sweet tooth, the Donut Trail is a must-do for any Nashville visitor. So grab a friend, follow the trail, and indulge in some of the best donuts the city has to offer!

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