Nashville’s Latest Attraction: A Mammoth Pickleball Kingdom Set to Open

Nashville, Tenn. – In a move set to revolutionize sports entertainment in Music City, Pickleball Kingdom is excited to announce the launch of a new multi-unit franchise in Nashville, Tennessee. Spearheaded by local entrepreneurs and pickleball enthusiasts Maggie and Dennis Pearson, this ambitious venture is a response to the soaring popularity of pickleball nationwide.

The Pearsons, already well-known in the Nashville community for their love of the game and active community involvement, are poised to open the first of several locations. Their goal is to provide a top-tier venue for seasoned pickleball players and those new to the sport.

“Pickleball Kingdom's expansion into Nashville reflects the city's vibrant spirit and the sport's increasing appeal,” commented Rob Streett, Chief Operating Officer of Pickleball Kingdom. The company aims to create a gathering space for the community, promoting healthy, active lifestyles and fostering social connections through pickleball.

Nashville's dynamic and enthusiastic community forms the heart of this nationwide pickleball movement. The Pearsons' vision is to bring their dream of a premier pickleball venue to life, making the sport accessible and enjoyable.

Ace Rodrigues, CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, expressed his excitement about the national enthusiasm for the sport. “The demand for pickleball has never been higher,” said Rodrigues. “Our vision is to build a kingdom for pickleball lovers, and Nashville is an ideal location for this expansion.”

The upcoming Nashville locations of Pickleball Kingdom will feature cutting-edge facilities, including indoor and outdoor courts, a professional shop, and a community space for hosting events and tournaments. The franchise will offer various programs like clinics, leagues, and open play sessions to accommodate all interest levels and expertise in pickleball.

With a background in corporate communications and experience in advertising and business, Maggie Pearson brings her multifaceted professional expertise to this venture. Dr. Dennis Pearson, an Associate Professor of Economics and Statistics, combines his academic insight with a passion for pickleball, making them an ideal pair to lead this initiative.

Pickleball Kingdom, known for its premier pickleball facilities and commitment to community and healthy living, is at the forefront of the sport's growing popularity. The Nashville franchise under the Pearsons is expected to not only meet the local demand for pickleball but also serve as a model for future expansions.

For those interested in franchise opportunities, contact Rob Streett at the following: [email protected] or call (888)788-0999.

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